So more than one wish that I want

I wish I had millions , so I could give my sons a proper education, and give them he "tools" to make a difference as persons. To set them and prepare them to be better than I was, and then to make a difference in the world.

I also wished I could have the persons I care and love to be around me, so me and them can all leave in peace.

I feel tmy love for money doesn't align with my values, or how I want others to perceive me. But I believe money is a measure of success, you can livequiet and pay college and university for your children, money is not the guarantee of being happy but it helps a lot because it solves so many problems that normally stress us so much. So more than one wish that I want, I want the money to relax and the peace for my family and friends. I want them all to achieve their goals and to be happy, they deserve it. I always have financial issues and I want to have limitless options for fix them. I want my children to have good clothes, and to study what they really like without thinking about if we can afford it or not. Or if they will get a job or not. I want them to do what they dream, to be happy and healthy. Seeing happy our children is the most important to me, then I can deal with the rest. So more than one wish that I want, I have to add health for everyone.

I know money doesn't guarantee thehappiness but I am always feeling nervous because of debts, sometimes I argue with my childrens because of that, I do not want them to live worried about my financial problems, it is my dute to give them all, including the financial help until they finish university… They are so sweet and good with his friends, they study a lot, never give me problems only happiness, so I want to give them more that what I am doing now.

Having a new jjob at this point wont fix it, beacuse I need a big amount at this point. So that is thy I need more than one wish that will guarantee our happiness. I need to win the lottery or jackpot, something big, so I can have all fixed at once, otherwise I will have to wait many years to get it, maybe to late for my children’s studies. I am here seeking for help, I need your prayers to give me the power and energy to get what I want. My witch is also working on it, but until today only won small amounts. I hope it works better soon. I will be very very happy if I can fix my life, my children future and help my friends and family to live in peace. We all deserve it.

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