seeking Jeannette

I am seeking the woman I know of as Jeannette Flores to be my lover in both a loving and sexual relationship. It has been May since I seen her last when she moved out of my apartment community. So far attempts to contact by email have been unsuccessful. I want this woman more than any other woman in this world.

I am suffering since I moved because I don't see her anymore. I try to walk in the neighborhood but at the moment I could not casually found her. I am trying to talk with a common friend but he says that it won't work because she is not interested. Las night I ordered a love spell from a really famous spell caster here, I told her I was seeking Jeannette, sent her our full names and even pictures and her address. She told me she will start the ritual in 10 days and that it normally takes 3 to 6 weeks to give results I wish this spell will perfectly work for us. I wish Jeannette will fall in love with me. I love her, I am deeply in love with this woman, she is so great that I do not know where to start. She is in college, great student, she do fitness many times a week so her body is just perfect. She has a beautiful face and is very sweet. She knows how to cook a cake, I tried it at my friend birthday party, and it was so good! Delicious. She dress so elegant, not like a slut but sexy. And the way she walks I could see her for hours and hours. Her voice is like being a paradise, is like God talking to you, I believe God is a woman, forgot to say.

She is a great friend and always helps her family, her mother is ill so she goes to visit her almost every day to take care of her needs and medicines. I am sure she will be a very successful woman, one who achieve all without help or because used her beautiful body to get it, she is smart, intelligent, she gets all by herself, all what she has she deserves it, she won it all. My wish is to have her I am seeking Jeannette. I hope life can help me too, a woman like this in my life will be a bless and I will take care of her like a diamond. She values more, believe me.

I will send her flowers next week asking her to go for a dinner, I hope she accept, the witch told me I have to wait until she finishes the ritual, so I will wait for her to tell me when it is the best time to invite Jeannette. I feel anxious I need help I am seeking Jeannette and I want to succeed. I hope this website help me to make all more powerful and to get y wish come true.

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