secret crush

I have a crush on someone from work. He is all that I think about but it would cause a big stir at work if we were involved with each other. I can't help feeling attracted to him even though I have tried not to. We would be good for each other and we already make each other laugh. I don't know how to fix this since this feeling doesn't seem to be going away. I want to be with him and I hope that will happen.

As long as you can separate my professional and personal life, I think it can work to date at the office. He isn't the ordinary man, I sense something very special, something that could go the distance and I want this secret cruch to became real. I wish he can fall in love with me or at least to want me to have sex, to feel a deep attraction that cannot control, to desire my body more than anything else.

Maybe it is better if I first decide what I want in the situation before doing any movement. If you date around, but are planning to end up with him, I may damage how he sees me, and I don't want that, I need to think, maybe I need an advice but my friends are form the same office, I cannot tell them, I don't want to tell them unless this became something serious.

I don't want to look as a player, not someone to trust, I want to look like a great woman seeking a man she likes a lot. If you decide you are serious about him I have to tell him also. I don't want a volatile relationship that could be problematic at work if things don't go well. I love my job and its great paid, I don't want to lose it or feel uncomfortable at it. So I have to take care of all details.

I wish I could take his hand and tell him that I think we are both attracted to each other and have a conversation about it, bu he doesn't show so much interest yet! I need to wait, I need help to make mi wish come true. My mother is a witch so I know how to cast spells, but I don't want to do it yet, I want to be sure he feels attracted to me in the fist place, then we could mutually decide what to do. Otherwise that could be a horrible idea, I think the other part has to be interested at least before casting an attraction spell. The better approach would be to pursue someone safer and not this man at work, I know that, but I canot help myself, I like him a lot, I need to take the risk. I want to life this secret crush that I am sure it will became soething more.

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