return my soulmate 2 me please

Like I said earlier, I shouldn't even want him anyway but, I still feel empty like a part of me is missing. I love him with all of my heart and I was sure he loved me too. I think it is just a phase he is going thru because the true him wouldn't have done this to me and my children one of which is his. I pray that he will realize that he has made a horrible mistake and that they will see the true sides of each other. I pray that they will end up hating each other. I wish that he would then become infatuated with me and dream of me every time his eyes are closed. I wish that he wouldn't be able to get me or my children especially his son off of his mind. I'm not asking to mess with his free will, I only want them to see the true sides of each other. And that he would realize that he truly loved me. I am asking for help because I am desperate. I know that he thinks about us his friends have all told me but, I want him to become infatuated with me.

If we really aren't meant to be together then I pray that I will find my true soul mate very soon, I am desperate. Thank you so very much. Please help me to return my soul mate 2 me please, I miss him so much, it is difficult to live with this pain, like this, I want to feel happy, to look at my life and feel that I like it. I do not want to feel this pain and feel heart broken anymore.

I want to feel joyful, a man did a ritual 10 days ago, I hope his magi work soon so he can realize that I am the one, that he needs to change and then come back to our family full of love and confidence.

Life is a mess without him, I am that good with the children or at work, when we are together everything looks better, life is easier, I feel he is the love of my life. Return my soul mate 2 me please, I am asking this website to help me get that. This is the most important to me after my children of course. I trust destiny but sometimes I feel I need to help it that is why I bought a spell and I am here writing my wish to ask more help to the universe, to god or t whatever is there taking care of us. Dear all of you: return my soul mate 2 me please. Don't let me down, I am here doing my best to make my life better, I just need a little push. I count on you, I trust you will do what is best for me, which is my soul mate to come back.

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