ready to quit

I'm simply stating that I am desperate and need help please. I have been working in this office for so many years now, but I can not stand anymore, I need to be brave enough to be ready to quit, and I want it to happen soon… I said to myself this year is the last year you will work there, so I started to look for another job but no company is calling me, and even if I have a few interviews they never called me back. So this is killing me, I need a change, I can stand this place anymore or the people that work here, they are shit, sorry to say. They are all the time disrespecting me… they laugh because I am fat or because I don´t have a boyfriend. And I do not want a boyfriend I am not interested on having a husband or children, I just want my work to be nice and be happy by myself, I have the right to choose and I already made my choice. The problem here is that they do not respect it and they make me feel bad saying all those horrible things to me, I do not deserve it, I am a good person, even try to help them every time they need. But they do not get it, they think it is funny, or which is worst that my life is funny… so I am ready to quit but for that I need to have a new opportunity, a new job first.

I wish so much to be ready to quit, but I am not rich, so I need another job to be there when I leave them. I pay all by myself and even help my parents so quitting without having another job is a luxury I cannot take for now.

I read a lot of stories here, I wish you all to get your goals soon and I hope you can help me with your energy to get mine too. Life is weird sometimes, but I know that even if I feel sad and unhappy now, Universe will send me sign soon so I can quit my job and finally find a place when I can enjoy working, with good people there, or at least most of them.

I wonder how much time do I have to wait, I hope this happen soon, I need a sign or a spell? Does magic really work for these problems? I don´t know anyone good yet, so I do not trust them. Can you recommend me one?

There are so many out there, I tried to Google it and I cannot believe how many the world have!

Dear universe I need your help, I am here waiting for you signal and looking to get a better life, finally. That happiness will start after I quit my job you know I deserve it. That is the only goal I have this year.

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