new life

wish I would find an apartment to get out over the shelter and some money to help with things. I wish my nana got better and henry talks to me again. I just need my life to turn around for the better. Thank you all so much for your help and support.

I should had a customized protection spell cast to see a large change in every aspect of my life, or do you think writing here is enough, I hope so. I want to feel safe again and don't feel that negative energy is following me all the time. My relationships need also to be better.

My boyfriend was complaining that I did not spend enough time with him when I started my new job. It was true. I worked all of the time and had little to spare. So I decided to please him and quit, and now I can´t find another good job. I regret that so much. I thought that he would stick by my side because we had been together for over 6 years at this point, but I was wrong. After a few months he left me because he couldn´t afford the rent for both of us. I believe he had another woman… maybe a rich woman. He did not even have the courtesy to tell me, he just moved out when I was at my nana´s place. It was the worst feeling in the world. I needed anyway a new life, a better one.

I did not know where to turn and knew love spells worked to bring people back into your life from my experience in college, but why would I ask that if he did so many bad things to me… he broke my heart… I even lost a great job that I won´t get back so easily now… so I cried a lot and let him go. I am now waiting for my true love, one that can understand and respectful to me. I know it or just a matter of time.

About my Nana, she is not feeling good, she is 78 years old, she is ill and is receiving medical attention at the moment, she is in hospital but if all goes good she can return to her home in a week or so, I love her so much, she was there for me all my life, she always treat me so great and help me every time I need it or even when I did not know I need her, she was there. She asked me to move in with her but I can´t lose my space, I need it, so I promise her to look for a better job that let me rent an apartment in her neighbor. She is glad, waiting to recover. We need help for this new life. I need to reborn and make things right.

So mote it be.

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