need my love back

My fiance April walked out on me 4 months ago without any reason and my life is not the same without her. I love April with all my heart and I wish she would come back to me because life is not worth living without her she is the one and only true love in my life and I would do anything to get her back First my fiancée wanted to postpone our wedding after talking to her ex behind my back. She said she needed to get closure. She also sent him photos. She doesn’t know that I know but I checked her phone, I know it is not good to do that, but I started to doubt form the moment she asked me to see him again for that “Closure”

A few weeks after that episode, she broke up with me with no reason. I need my love back, this man needs to stay out of our life! He was evil with her, I don´t understand why she still wanted to see him again. He cheated on her numerous of time, even in their own bed! I sometimes must admit that I do not understand women.

I tied to have an open and honest discussion about the situation, but she won't give me one, she only said that she wanted to cancel the wedding for now. I am die here… I am not a second choice; I am not a backup plan. She's getting cold feet. No hard feelings, but it's better for her to do this now with freedom than to be trapped in a marriage that maybe she doesn't want. I know that, but I missed her so much, 4 months away.. We had never been so many weeks apart.

Without talking to her I do not know what to think, I am thinking of asking one of her good friends or family members to know what they think about this situation, it is so hard after so many years not to have a clear answer. I feel myself in a limbo. I need my love back and ready to explain to me what is going on.

Her mother says that she didn't say anything, but I must admit she barely tell her mother something about her personal life. She was not the best mother, that is why she keep information from here, I don´t know where to go. Maybe if I ask a friend or another family member she will get mad. I casted a spell last week, the witchcraft told me that it might take 4 weeks to work, I hope it helps to make her see all clearly.

I am dreaming about her every night. I belong to her and she belong to me. I don´t want her to run away from this beautiful relationship, we never had a problem before… So I believe this issue needs to be solved as soon as possible. Please help me.

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