my life

I donít know what to do and i need help because nothing is going the way I planned. My boyfriend and me have a problem and I want to settle it and get it over with. I just want whatever I wish to come true.

The problem we have is that we want to get married, start a family, but we don't have money. We both work like dogs, but money is not enough to pay a rent, not even having a wedding party or having children. I wish we could win the lottery, the jackpot, find money in the street, or make my bank account grow, I don't know, I don't care how, I just want to have money not to be worried about anymore. I wish I should stop having problem to rent this awful room at the moment I am renting a room in a student apartment, everything is a mess. My boyfriend live with his parents, and they cannot help him.

I wish I could have a great job also, well paid so I don't have to be worried about money anymore. I don't like my life right now. I feel I am with the right person but we cannot do plans because of money. I also wish to have health for the people I love and me, and I wish to be healthy forever. I wish to buy a great home, big, with a beautiful yard.

My boyfriend is a good man, but he didn't study or finish high school, so all he can do for now is working in mc Donaldís, he also needs to help his parents paying thing in their home. He can never save money, not even a penny, and he is always wearing the same clothes, I am also in the same situation, I am tired of it, I want abundance in my life. I don't want us to suffer anymore, I want to plan and do, plan and do, and like this all the time.

Having him in my life is the best that ever happen to me, even if he doesn't have a penny, I love him a lot and I wish to be with him for ever, money can come after, but a bad man won't became a good man later. That is what I think, I had bad experiences in the past that made me suffer a lot, believe me I don't want to live that hell again in my life...

I wish we could be rich, that would allow me help others also, that is so nice and you can have great karma. Not that I like magic and spells, but I read a lot about karma and I agree. SO doing good things for other is also my priority. The most you give the most you get. And the feeling of helping is wonderful. My life could be great with money and also the life of the people I know and love. Please help me.

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