my hearts ultimate wish

I wish to be with the man I am secretly in love with, forever and always. I know we would be the happiest couple ever if we were together. I wish he could look at me with other eyes and would dear to invite me for a date. The problem here is that he is married, apparently in love with that woman. They don't have kids, live in the same building than me and I see him every day when we both go to work. Oh Lord I like him so much that now I love him.

I feel we are perfect, we like the same things (because we talk a lot when we see each other) and we have almost the same age… He is so cute, and elegant, beautiful, smart, he is everything a girl can want!

I feel that I have to happy, I will order a spell for sure because I don't want to lose him, if she gets pregnant then that will be out end. My hearts ultimate wish is to be with him, I want him to be the father of my son, I only want one, one is enough, and otherwise it will be too difficult to go back to school.

I would like to have a boy, blond boy like him, tall and thin and with his big lips and blue eyes. Oh Lord I am so in love with this guy please help me. My hearts ultimate wish I swear that is to be with him, once I get that I won't ask you nothing else, I promise, ok? Every time I see him I am petrify at the beginning hahahaha, I like him so much that I cannot even talk or move. After a few seconds I come back to me and start talking and making jokes. He loves my jokes always laugh with me.

His sister goes to the gym with me also, so sometimes I cross him there when he picks her up. I dream about him almost every night. My hearts ultimate wish is definitely for him to become my boyfriend. He is so good that he won't dare to cheat on her. I need him to cheat on her, be with me and realize that I am the one for him. I am his only and true love.

I wonder how our child will look like and I hope they look just like him, believe me he is perfect, beautiful, and kind also. I cannot ask more for a man, and I know there is not any other man like him. I am 30 already, so I need him to come to me, otherwise we won't have time to have fun, I need to enjoy life with him before having a son. It is important for a couple to have fun, I think… And the we can move in together and start a family, like I always dream.

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