my heatrs only wish

My future husband has been charged with a horrible crime which he did not commit there was a trial and he was found guilty based solely on the lies of one person now our children cry for there daddy and I for my soul mate and one true love I need some ones help any one please help heal my family and make us whole once again.

That person told him 2 years ago that he will ruin his life, we don't believe at that time, we even laugh I must admit, but unfortunately he was right. He did ruin our life and made up a fake story about my husband saying that he stole him money, and that he didn't want to give him his 50 K back. So wire and I do not know how but he proves it with fake papers, or paying the police, don't know. Because my husband never asked him for money and of course never stole anything in his life.

Now he is in jail, we cannot stay together, my children are so sad that I don't know what else I can do. My neighbor just talk bad about my husband and I want to move to another house where I don't have to hide because everybody is asking what is going on or telling me that they are afraid that my husband steal them… it is insane he did not do anything, now everybody thinks he is guilty.

I am devastated. I need my family together and back for good, I want revenge on this evil man that ruined our life, I am so angry that I already cast a revenge spell, I won't forgive him or his family, this is too much, out of the line of anyone life. At school my children are having problems too. My hearts only wish to get my family back.

This nightmare is the worst that ever happen in our life. I wish I would get up and this never happen, in fact my hearts only wish to come back to the past and never met that man.

I wonder how this man can go to sleep or kiss his wife after ruin a family's life, maybe he did the same to other people too he deserves to be punished. I am willing to do all to get my husband out of jail and back home, and for him to get what he deserves, a quiet and happy life. And for this other man to suffer more than what we did. To learn that ruin a family's life is not for free, that karma exist and I will help it. My hearts only wish to have the love of my life back, I love him so much, I cannot imagine our life without him, I feel lost, he is my one only true love and my kids needs his father too.

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