my future success

I dream all the best and good in our life for my family and my brother and sister give us the best and luck with good health. guidance for good and be success in job n life.

Coincidence can be lucky or unlucky. The world is a complicated place. Coincidences and luck, both good and bad, happen all the time and it is impossible to know what was the real reason. The longer we live, the more good and bad luck we will experience, if you believe in that like I do. I want success in my future, I always imagine patterns where there are none.

If we could decide when luck should strike, some of us would be better at it than others and life would be very unfair. I believe we can sort of manage this with spells, they help a lot with positive energies or when you buy cleanse. From time to time everybody needs a karma cleanse because we all make mistakes that we need to fix (talking about energies)

If there is one law that cannot under any circumstances be broken, it is the law of chance. We need to live trying to make future success, if you try hard then the universe make it true. We human beings have our superstition as part of our culture almost since we born and believing in luck is only one of them. We all say that things that happen that please us are called good luck and things that we do not like or agree we call them bad luck. I know it can sound weird but I agree, I don´t have an explanation for my believe like most of us, it is something that I just do and of course it is subjective because what one person might call good luck another might call bad one.

Well now I am asking for good luck for me and my family so we can succeed in everything. I wish I had a spell cast for all of us, but I do not have money at the moment to invest in a sell caster, I only have this deep wish that is to make my future success.

What I do not believe is that chanting certain words, could possibly change the laws of probability to get a goal. That would be ridiculous. I know luck is a superstition, there is nothing that can be done to change this feeling but I believe that even if luck interfere in our life we need to help it, not just sit there and wait like if something magic will happen from one day to another. I believe in work and I believe in fighting for a better future success.

I am here to confess that I want luck for all my family, I love them so much, they deserve the best, and I hope that the best is yet to come, I hope to see it soon.

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