My First Love

well i still havent found a spell that can help me forget so if you know one contact me. im not sure what wishing well is about but i think its about people expressing their feelings to others so that ,you know, their dream might come true. thats what im hoping for. so 1 year ago i met a guy named esteban silva. he was so amazing. my first impression of him was:nerd. his glasses were kinda helping with that sterotype:) he was in my p.e class and i would talk to him every single day, i had no feelings for him at all. so when i had the feeling that he was gonna ask me out i tried to ignore him because i didnt want to reject my best friend. it was horrible for me to do that because when after summer ended and school started i started to look at him in a different way. i saw that he was so funny and sweet and caring and he treated me right so i guess you can say that i started liking him and when i got tired of all the waiting i finally said to him "hey heres my number so text ma later kayy" ( i later learned that as soon as i left he rushed to his friends to write my number down on his phone. haha) i was so scared because i thought that he didnt like me anymore and that i would yet again have a broken heart. see, ive never had much luck when it comes to love, either i never get a chance or they just think of me as a fried. but esteban was different, we liked all the same things and i didnt have to try to impress him he liked me for who i am. so 1 month passed and i was felling so happy. but then my friend told me he was gonna break up with me:( it turns out that was just a nasty rumor but i didnt know that. so my friend starts getting all these crazy ideas about breaking up with him first. so i did. i was pretty stupid for doing that. we got back together the next day cause we straightened everything out so i knew exactly what his intentions were and he knew mine.i love him so much. we would talk every single day on the fone. we would talk about guns n roses and dogs and just random things. he made a joke that he was gonna pretend to break up with me on april fools day...on april 1st he actualy broke up with me. he said that he needed a break and that he was doing this because apparently i didnt talk to him enough and i didnt show affection. about 3 weeks later I HAD A DREAM about him and me. i was with him inside a car and he was telling me that he loved me and he made that cute face he does before we kiss.then we were at his house and he said when my parents come you leave from that door. this dream felt so real i thought i was actualy kising him and holding him. but then i woke up and i remembered... thas not the way things are anymore.i would have a lot of dreams about him before we were going out. my grandma,shes psychic, has a dream that esteban was yelling at her about something. she doesnt remember what it was about but she guessed that him and i were over and she was right.those 6 months that i had with him were so amazing. i still remember what happened on valentines day and his birthday. and i still remember our first kiss. but the things i mostly remember was saying 'hello' to didnt take long for me to fall in love with him. i would cry sometimes when he said those sweet things to me and he would cry too. i wonder what happened to all that love that we felt. and i still wonder if i can get it back. i still see it in his eyes. he still fells something but he just doesnt know what to do. i wish we could be together again

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