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I have a business that assists people in the legal field. I hold several state licenses, except the one I desire the most-Private Investigator license. which I'm trying to get. I wish a legit Private investigations company would hire me so I can accrue the remaining hours I need to get my own license. I wish my licenses and certificates I have now are put to good use to help people and build my business into a successful company so I can have a good income, hire people and help them with income and be a positive force in the community.

All my life I wanted to help people, and doing investigation was not my favorite at one, firstly tried being a journalist, but even if I study and practice a lot, I did not do it well, writing is not that easy. But my teacher always tell me that I was great doing the investigation of every case and should do something with that, as not so many people have great ideas to get their goals and information. So after that a met Paul, an old friend now, and he introduce me to this field. I feel capable and know that I can help tone of people if I can finally get my license, it is not that I cannot do it without one, but then I have to do it undercover, and I do not want that, I have many licenses and my business would grow a lot if I can add this one.

I need to work more hours to get it, but at the moment it is been difficult to find a company that hire me. If I could get a job as private investigator, but in a company with license, after 7 month I will have my own license, but I need to show the I am ready to do it, and that I have a lot of experience. It is not that I do not have it already, but I have been doing it without license, and if police finds out I can go to jail. So that is not a good business, even if I am doing it to help people, I just want to do things right.

Also a company with that license is seen as a very good one in this field, so my clients will grow like crazy, I know that because I have been working in this business for 6 years already, I know all companies in Texas and know people that work for them too, so they told me so. My wish is to make my business grow and a great way to do that is having this license. I trust destiny but I think sometimes we need to help it. That is why I am here writing my wish, waiting for the universe to finally consider my goal.

My business is the most important I have in life, this is my dream, I was born for that and I will continue doing all to make it work better.

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