My boyfriend under stress

I love my boyfriend very much and one day we plan to marry. The problem that we are having is he lost his green card and he cant find a job without it. And he is really stressing out because he hate to depend on me for everything. I am so afraid that I am going to loose him and I cry because he is under so much stress. I am praying that he can get his green card replaced and he can find a job in the field that he loves. Any thoughts and prayers would be greatly appraised.

He come to US in 2018 and he started working as publisher, everything was getting better every year. We met in 2019, at a disco, a mutual friend introduces us, we had so much fun that night and we never separate since then. I love him with all my heart and I cannot see him like this. He seems lost, and I want him back like before, happy, full of projects and plans for our family… My boyfriend under stress And I must help him solve this problem that now is our problem.

A few months ago his contract finished and the company just close. They had financial problems since 2019… but we never thought they would close. The think is that now he cannot get the new green card unless they or other company renew his contract. He is from Paris, also his family that now is telling him to come back to Europe.

I don't want him to leave, and I cannot go because my job and my family is here. I need him to find a new job that he likes and make him want to stay here in USA.

We live in Los Angeles, I love this place, for us is the best city in the worlds also because of the weather. Well everybody knows that. My boyfriend under stress and I cannot help him, I am just praying and trying to cast spells that I find on the Internet. I am help him financially the last 2 months, I don't care because I love him, but he hate that, doesn't want to accept my money, so this week he asked help to his family, and so the knew his situation and say to him to go back to Paris.

He has a job in Paris if he wants, his best friend has a publisher there, but he feels that here his career can grow more, and I think he is right. My boyfriend under stress is so bad for our life, he doesn't want to go out to have fun because he don't want me to pay for it, it is ridiculous, he did pay always, why I cannot help him now? Please help me to make my wish come true, please make him find a new job that he loves and make him want to stay here in Los Angeles.

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