money and success

I am desperate for a good amount of money to pay off my debts and pay my living expenses. I need to pass my driving test and all my exams/assignments with flying colours.

I have been doing spells but nothing seems to be working. Please help me. I wish I could have a good amount of money and to pass all my exams and driving.

I always laughed a little bit at the people who listed off their laundry list of new year’s resolutions. It was fun to me because I knew that in a couple of weeks that list would be completely forgotten. I must admit that I used to be one of them.

I used to set that list and believe me, it was exciting for a day or two, but I found the problem was consistency. Nobody wants to work on their dream and most of us get bored just at the beginning.

Now I know that the simpler and shorter your goals are the better. Money has been an issue my whole life. But I don't want to win money playing lottery, I want to be a successful man. I want the feeling of do things right and to do something I really like also. WHEN you are a successful man all women wants you also, I would love to have all the women I like until I settle down. I am still young, so I have time, that is why now I want money to enjoy life and success to make it last.

I was a great student at Law University but unfortunately I had to quit, because of money, money is always a big thing… I hate that, but there is nothing else we can do, right? We need to continue and do our best to live better every year.

I believe that a smaller goal can actually help me accomplish a bigger goal in the future. But what should I choose to start? The focusing question is What is that one thing I can do today that will make everything else easier?

Pablo, my brother, is a great man in business. He recommended me to stop saying that I want to make as much money as possible! And change it to: I want to make $100,000 this year for example. He also recommended me to visualize and meditate, but that doesn't work for me, even if I tried many times. I read somewhere that I should pick one goal, accomplish it and then rinse and repeat. I want money and success, I want my family to feel proud of me, I want my friends to ask me my secrets for successful business, I want the world to look at me and notice how hard I am working to get my goals, and give me the best only because I deserve it. Please accomplish me with money and success.

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