luck change

Everything that can go wrong for someone does go wrong for me I really need my luck to change. I am so far in debt that I cant seem to get out of it, my family is in getting me down, my mum is suicidal and I don't know what to do. To top it all off I have lost the love of my life. We have been through so much and know we have split up I wish I could have good luck and I wish we could sort things out and things will be like they were when we first got together. Please can anyone help me? I am desperate, she left me for another man, she left a months ago, since then I ordered so many spells, no one succeed. I even try to do my own rituals and for now nothing worked.

All the problems started when I lost my job, the company broke and as I am 55 no other companies wanted to give me the opportunity to start over again. In the meantime as I couldn’t find a job, my wife who is 33 started to look for a job as a journalist again, she didn't work the last 5 years because I wanted her to enjoy life and I was winning enough to let her stay at home. So finally she got a job at the local news paper. That was the beginning of the end and I didn't even knew it. Luck changed and changed from bad to works. After a few weeks she started to come home really late, to have “business dinners” so I follow her and guess what? I found her on a fancy restaurant with her boss, I almost die of a heart attack, I never even could imagine her doing something like that, he was holding her hand, she was smiling and touching his leg with her high heels, oh my god, I was at home like a silly man… I think she likes him because he is richer than me. I need a luck change as soon as possible. Please help me, please wish with me to help me find a good job and make her realize that we belong together...

We were so happy, we love travelling together, going to have fun, to visit new restaurants, life was perfect until I lost my job, I can stand without doing anything, I need to move fast otherwise I will lose her, I want her back. She is my soul mate.

I don't want to live without her, no other woman ever made me laugh like her, she is always in a great mood and graceful. I want her back I need your help. If you would use your energy to help my wish come true, if the universe would hear my prayers. I hope she can come back home soon. I wait for her every night, I wait that she come and knock my door.

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