love with him

The guy I fell in love with might love me back he might not I don’t know but if he does I wont know besides he gives me hugs everyday but he does that to every girl I want him to love me my biggest wish is for him to love me. if he doesn’t then I wish I could find someone who does and quick because i don’t know how long I’m going to last without a man oh please let him love me and be my true love and soul mate please i beg of you. k bye I love you all ????????? BYE???????•?? HA HA

Or better say hello! I want to say more about my story and me. I grew up in New Jersey, I used to be the popular girl in high school, but most of the guys didn't want to get closer to me because I was too tall.

Now that I can meet any guy because I am older, I do not have luck, I do not feel I am a lucky girl at all, every time I like a man he run away after we sleep together, even if I want 3 Or 5 dates before having sex. Now I like this guy, love with him would be great, but he is not that into me. I can feel it, I try to talk to him every time I see him, even invite him to go for a coffee last week, but I didn't succeed.

I would love with him to do all, but I don't know how to approach, he seems so distant, even if he looks at me with interest, I believe he is to shy… Another option is that some other boy appear in my life, don’t know I feel that I do not want to be alone anymore. I don’t want to get stocked on him, if he is not the one, I need to move on fast. There are so many men out there, but I need to find the right one for me. I casted a spell with a pink candle last week, I even put some honey on it and other stuff that I read on the receipt, until now it didn't work, we will see. Love with him would be great. He is so handsome. I want to get up with a good man by my side. I want to share life, start a family, I feel I am ready for all that and more, I even thought about having child after I meet the one for me. I have been alone all my life, I feel is time for a change, a big one. I am tired of hear my family and friends asking me the same question: when are you going to have a boyfriend? You need to settle down… ahhggg I hate that comment. I wish I could change my life for good, but not for them only, for me, because I feel ready to make that big step.

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