i wish my boyfriend would have a job an money

I wish my uncle frank would hiring my bf back as his employer an forgive him for what he has done to his shop an let things be by gone an call david allen Caldwell tonight an say david Im going to let things be by gone if u want to work for me again an i wish my cousin barbara would stop judging david an like him too.

I know what he did was wrong, but he is human, sometimes he make mistakes because he has problems with alcohol. I am so sad, I really wish my boyfriend would have a job and money, and this job was awesome. You know, I have been telling him so many time to take care of it, but it was hard for him to realize how lucky he was until now that he is looking for another job and they pay half from what he was getting with my uncle. I ordered a spell, but now the spell caster does not answer me anymore, I hope that is because she is working on it. I really hesitate about doing it but I feel desperate.

If my boyfriend would have a job and money our life would be so different. I want to get married, have children, I have 35 time is blowing out so we need help fast.

I wish this website help us too, I had written many testimonies and I feel hope. Maybe my uncle Frank soon will call david to ask him to come back, as I already begged him to take him back. If my boyfriend would have job and money we would buy a house and start a family, at the moment we cannot afford even the rent.

Spells are not always the solution but I am sure they help cleaning energies. I wish I would find the best spell caster in town. It is difficult to know because people does not like to say that they bought spells to make their wishes come true, they keep it in secret, so when you go to internet it is complicate to discover the real ones.

But I wont give up until my boyfriend get a job and money. We will have the family I always dream and he will finally leave alcoholic habits. They are awful and I hate them. After he stop drinking he wont be late at work anymore, he will take care of his job and will pay more attention to details like when we were in high school.

We spent so many years together, we grew u together living us and this wont tear us apart that is why I wish my boyfriend to have job and money, because all the rest is there and that is why I love David so much.

If the spell I ordered do not give us the results we need I will give another witch the opportunity to help up, and I really hope next time she wont fail, or HE! I have been seen many website of healers and witches that are men. Maybe men has more energy, I will investigate that too.

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