i want him back with me

My guy just left me suddenly and started being very hostile to me and saying things that hurt me. He hid some things from me and when I asked his friends behind his back, he got furious and broke up with me. He refuse to have a talk with me to clear things up because he thinks there is nothing that he has to talk to me about.

Please give me a spell that can help me change his heart and come back to me and forgive me for the things that I have done wrong. He really mean a lot to me. Someone please help me.

I miss him all day and night, I think about him all day and night, I think what would I do wrong and how can I fix it, but then I realize that if he does not want to even speak to me it will be very difficult to work things out. I want him back with me for good, I don't want to order a spell or something like that, I want him back but the real him if you know what I mean. We have been together for ten years, that is long time, I deserve a talk at least to finish all in the best way. He says he needs time, he don't have nothing to say right now and that talking will make him feel worst. I think the opposite, I feel that if we talk we can understand our point of view and maybe find a way to fix our differences. Nothing is better than talk in this case, and I don't want to lose him. I don't know how to live without him. He is so great when he is fine, but since he lost his job 3 months ago, and can't find a new one that he like, not yet, he is very nervous and angry. For little things he starts to fight or scream… I want the real him to come back to me. I want him back with me in any way so I can help him dealing with this sadness.

Losing the job of your life is not easy, but I want to show him that I am here for him, I am here to hug him and take care of all his needs. We have ups and downs across these ten years but never a break up, so I am afraid we will never come back, I never so him so convinced, so I want to do all because I want him back with me.

I am glad I found this website and I hope it woks and helped to reunite us as soon as possible. I read many testimonials and I did a pride for them to help them to achieve their goals. We all deserve to be happy and share our love with the people we love.

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