i want a baby

I miss my ex, who is also the father of my son. We broke up about two years ago and there's been a void in my life ever since then. I wish he would come back to me after realizing that he'd rather have me a girlfriend and maybe even his wife. I just need him to come back. Sometimes when I am on the subway, I think about my ex boyfriend and our great time together. Can A man make a woman feel he loves her even if he doesn't love her at all? In a simple answer yes. I think there are some men out here who are gold diggers, and I wonder sometimes if all this is kind of a plan to ask me to come back with him later, and then control my life and desires, he used to do that, even if I like it because it was easier for me, and his decisions were well done, I knew it was cool for him to have the control in the couple if you know what I mean... A simple confession saying I love you often makes women feel like they have won the lottery. Anyway in most relationships it is the female who says “I love you” first over the men. I did and I miss him so much! I met the love of my life at the age of 23. He was the guy I never thought I could meet in a million years. We chat almost every day and it was fun and great. The he invited me for a date and from that moment we never separate until he broke up with me. I am missing him every night, everyday, every week, every moment! From the moment I met him I realized that I was kind of falling in love with this guy. He was special, funny, sweet, caring, generous, all a woman would want. We spent almost the whole day together that day and even that in the end I didn’t want to go home. He made me feel in peace like I never felt before or even now after the break up. We arranged a last meet up a month ago. We talked everything and said our last goodbyes. And then he never replied me even when I tried reaching out to him once a week. This is so sad, I am missing him every night. I tried so hard to feel something like I did for him, I met other guys, and my friends are trying to introduce me new people, but I don´t feel comfortable, I don´t feel this is ended, even if we say so. I constantly pray to get the chance but never know if it will actually will happen. So I am here asking my wish because I miss him like crazy. He had been a good man to always be remembered. I still love him, and at this point I think I will always do, even if I have to do it in secret. Want to get pregnant, i had a tubal ligation 5 yrs ago and now i regret it. i am hoping i can be one of the woman who get pregnant and have a healthy baby. i cant afford to go have the tubal reversal done so maybe you can help me.

I did it when I was 30 and I have not regretted it until now that I know the man I am with is the ONE and ONLY true love I ever had. I have been childless by choice and spent many years suffering side effects of hormonal birth control. My doctors talked me out of it at age 28, and it took me two years to visit them again. I went hopeless thinking that I would never meet a man good enough o decide having a child, and after 5 years I am here, at the age of 35 trying to get pregnant. I love Mike so much, he really want to be a father, start a family with me, and I am not strong enough to tell him that I did this to me a few years ago.

Sadly I also cannot go and ask the doctors a reversal, because that is expensive and at the moment I only get 1K monthly. Social security won´t cover it also, so I am here lost, I want my baby, I want this family so bad that I cry when he doesn´t sees me. He is also trying to have sex when we suppose to ovulate and I just follow him with the sadness of knowing the ugly truth. I would give anything to go back it time and never do that treatment. I want my baby in my arms; I want to take care of a baby that I know it is mine. I used to think that I wouldn´t be a good mother, even laugh about it with my friends, but now I know that it was not true, I would be a great mother, I love playing with kids but having my baby will be so much better…

If this wish comes true I decided to use a name from an Angel like Gabriel if it is a boy. I am smiling while I say this, because only thinking about the idea or imagine the situation just makes me happy. I am glad I found this website. Do you think I should ask a spell to get this reversal done? Ohhh I want my baby so much, I want to play, take care and have fun...

He want a boy, but I do not care at all if it is a boy or a girl, for me is the same I will love this baby the same even if it is one or another… I wonder if the baby would have my eyes, mine are blue, everybody tells me that they are amazing so is the part of the body I like more. We will see, first I need to get pregnant and start my family and my new life.

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