fairy Luck

Things have not been going amazingly for me at the moment I could really do with some good luck.

I wish to get at least a 2:1 in my degree but wish I could get a 1st. I wish I could get a decent job to earn enough money to pay my debts and be happy and be able to get a car and have a life.

I need at least £3000 right now to pay off my debts which I am getting further and further into because I cannot get a job. Long time ago I knew that I needed the financial freedom spell the moment I saw it in a web of a very famous spell caster! I'm so happy that I saved up and was able to buy it because I received a HUGE promotion at that time but then I move into another city and I lost it, but now I don´t have time to order her spells, unfortunately she doesn´t work for free as all of us I know.

I would love a work as a secretary or something like that, so I do not have to stay so many hours and I can continue raising my kids. My husband left us a year ago, and never came back not even to help with a penny.

Please help my wishes come true. I need fairy Luck. I have tried everything. I also wish that the man I am in love with would fall in love with me and want to spend the rest of his life with me. I am talking about my best friend, he is so nice, he take care of us and is always around my kids… I wish he could fall in love with me, he is single at the moment, her girlfriend left him for another ma, really sad story, I was always there for him of course and tried all the time to make him see that she lost it all because he was the most value man on earth, but he hugs me and laugh saying that I say this because I am his friend, but I really mean it, it is just that he is not seeing me as a woman but only as a friend. Fairy Luck is what I need to make him realize that I can be a great companion for him, and for me to get a good job, well paid with not so many hours and days working so I can raise my children, I am alone I really need help. I hope someone can hear me and help me.

I still have hope, is that last thing I will lose, but sometimes is so hard to do all by myself, having him with me would change all, life would be so much better and happier for me, I was born to share, I know that, I am brighter when I share life with people I love.

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