Wishing she will return quickly

This is my first post in wishing well. I love my special lady and she loves me. Unfortunately she has a history of needing to run away and has today left to clear her head and deal with her emotions mainly due to pressure from family added to a very difficult past. My wish is that she comes back to me quickly as I can't seem to think or focus on anything while she is away. There is a window of opportunity for her to come back easily from her first port of call where she is staying for this next week. I wish she would come back during or at least by the end of next week. To those of you who know really true and deep love I ask that you add your energies to my wish in the hope that this may give it more power and send a clear and powerful signal out into the universe and to attract back the result I need quickly.

Thank you all so much for your support in advance. I also ordered a spell from a great spell caster, or at least my friend said so, that he ordered several spells from her and they all went great. Ok I was desperate and I did order one last night. She already answered me and she will start working in 6 days. She says that she needs to work for 5 days and that it wonīt be easy to remove the issues that she has from her past, but her success rate is high so I trust she will bring her back.

In the meantime I need you to help me unify energies to ask the universe some help here, I know maybe I am asking to much here, but she is the most important person in the world to me. Just wishing she will return quickly, or the situation will drive me crazy.

Another big problem here is her family, her father is in jail because he abused her, her mother let him do it but didnīt went to jail, of course she donīt see her anymore. She has a sister that raised her and she is overprotecting her all the time. She does not like me at all, she tells her to look for a rich man indeed of me that I am a hard worked man. She do not use to listen to her, but I believe that if she is telling her this all the time she can finish winning, that is why I want her out of our life, I want my love to live with me and start a family, of course I will propose that will happen after I have the money for a beautiful ring, she deserve it. I am here just wishing she will return quickly. So mote it be.

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