Win the Jackpot in Lotto Max

I would like to win the jackpot in Lotto Max to help a friend start his own business.

I think you need to understand what effect money can bring to a friend that you really love and knows that deserve it. He has great ideas but no one never believe in him, I believe his ideas are great and I always dreamed about having the money to invest in them and make his dreams come true. I would love to achieve that goal winning the Jackpot in Lotto Max.

A person with a million dollar in the pocket (from one day to another) is no longer that person that was before winning the money. Seems crazy, but it is true.

Money won´t make you happy unless you use it for projects and ideas that you love and always dream to work on it. Sometimes having a lot of money make a person become confuse of what is best to do or not. BUT when you have the money and the other person have the idea then you have a great team to work, I think so and that is why Win the Jackpot in Lotto Max is my dream, to make my friend dream to come true. His goal before will not longer be his goal; he will have to think about something new, because I will make the previous one to come true. His entire life will change for good, and mine too because I will work with my best friend, that makes me so happy. I smile only when I imagine the situation and the good times that will come to us.

I am not exaggerating; I really need to win the Jackpot in Lotto Max. I am imagine what will happen after I win $50,000,000 fifty million dollars. That is a tremendous amount of money that will allow me to make many dreams come true, not only him. I am a generous man that don´t have brilliant ideas but I can for sure recognize when someone have it.

And there I am, his friend supporting his dreams. I believe you can always share lotto winnings with anyone you so choose. I also read in a magazine that there is a potential tax advantage to splitting the winnings with another person. The example is that if you were equally splitting your winnings with another person and their name was listed as a co winner, each of you would be taxed on 200,000.

But I am talking about being a generous friend. Maybe a spell will help me. I think never is too late to show an act of kindness. Oh universe I am here asking your help, telling you my special wish, I need to win the Jackpot in Lotto Max, that will make many other people have their wishes to come true! He does not have enough money to make this brilliant idea come true but I will and I am willing to share it with my best friend.

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