Wanting My Lost Soul Mate Back

After 8 and a half years of being together (married for 7 years), my soul mate came home last Tuesday (05/31/11) and ended our relationship, crying and claiming that she was a POS because she hadn't worked in 3 years and was sponging off of me. I tried to explain to her that I don't think she is a POS and don't care that she hasn't worked in 3 years because I love her and it is my job to take care of her. She told me that she loves me too, but that we cannot be together.

After some long reflection, she has suddenly (for a month and a half) been spending a lot of time with "people from school" and not coming out and inviting me to parties she has been invited to (not unusual, as I am a recluse, so she would simply say that she had been invited to a party and was going to go). Maybe signs of an affair Partying, staying out late, coming home drunk. But I support her in anything she does, so was happy that she had made some friends and was having a good time.

I spoke to her mom 2 days after she dropped the bomb and left, who told me she left because she felt we were "growing apart", but "feels guilty" and will not speak to me. Somehow, not being able to talk about feelings like "growing apart" and the fact that she can't even face/talk to me give me the gut feeling she had an affair. Even if that is the case, I forgive her (even if she never admits to exactly what is going through her mind or happened) and want her to come back. I love her too much to give up hope on our relationship.

This is my wish: That she return to me - with or without explanation - and our love continues to grow forever.

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