Want a lover back

Recently me and my boyfriend split up I still love him loads and think about him all the time I wish there was a way for him to love me again and give our relationship another chance.

When my divorce was finalized about 5 years ago I had lost all hope that he was going to come back to me. He was bringing his new and young girlfriend around our kids and it drove me nuts! There was nothing that my lawyer could do about it and I just had to accept this new awful nightmare that I was living in. He was happy with his new life but I wasn´t with mine. Even if my children were feeling better than before, when we were fighting all day and night.

But after months of thinking about it I decided to do something for myself for a change and guess what? I contacted a spell caster and bought her the Ultimate love spell because it was the strongest available and if I was going to do something like this I wanted the best of the best love spells. It took about 45 days for it to work but it was completely worth the time and money (about USD 1200) in the end. His girlfriend screwed him over and he came running to me wanting his family back. Of course, as much as I wanted to just jump right in I made him work for it which included couples counseling.

In the meantime I started to go out with some friends and one night, those nights that you don´t expect anything, I met Oliver, the love of my life, my true love. We start dating while I was trying to fix things with my husband, but I realize that I would never forgive all the damage he did to me. It was too much and I was always remembering that woman around my house when they picked up the kids, and he was laughing on me. SO I told my husband the true and let him go, now ex husband. After a couple of weeks I called Oliver and tell him that I was free to start a new life with him, I still remember his face, he was so happy! He is much more attentive towards me and we are closer now than we ever have been!

The problem is that my husband made him believe (last week) that we had sex, that never happen but he believe him and now my relationship is ruined. I need help making oliver realize that my ex is evil and he is saying lies about me… Want a lover back. I miss him so much even if only a few days went by.

I need help here, because he was on a short trip (oliver) not even in town so he thinks I planned it all. I told my husband I will never go back to you, forget it, but he laugh and said you will. I hate him.

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