Tortured by Love

My boyfriend Jeff G (1966), of two years, has recently split up about a month ago. i am miserable and miss him terribly. He was my life and I gave up everything to move to another state with him. Once we got there, he was a different person & we fought constant. The ending result was me moving back to our home state. This makes it difficult to work something out.
He has recently started dating someone else and rubbing it in my face. He has sent me pics of them together via email, saying how happy he is. I don't believe he is happy, if he has to push her onto me. Plus, he is sending me emails, texts and calling saying how much he loves me, misses me, misses sex and the way we use to be, but he is scared. He monitors my facebook page daily and makes comments. This hurts so much!
I am torn, because I do love him deeply and I believe he loves me, but the new girl makes me hesitant.
The day before the fight, he was talking about us marrying in September. i am confused and scared myself!
He is the love of my life, I have never felt this much for somebody, and the pain is unbearable. i love him and I need him.
I just want him to let go of all the negative energy concerning us, forget the fights and be the man I fell in love with in the beginning. We both want it to go back to the way it was then when we always had fun, loved deeply and very passionate about one another.
Could someone please cast a spell to bring him back to me for all times, to love me unconditionally, whole heartedly, have eyes, heart and passion for me ONLY & forever.
Thank you!

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