To be able to have the love of the once's I want to love me

I want to be able to have the person I want to do anything for me. Make me happy in every way. If a man just goes about his business and leaves his girlfriend without telling her why, what is wrong with him?

We have been married for 25 years. We had good times and lately not so good times being hones. We weren't well off then, but my husband was clever and capable, so he not only worked on everything big or small in our household, but he was also really considerate toward me. Everyone in our town praised him for being a good young man.

I was thrilled that I had found someone I could rely on for the rest of my life, that was what my family used to say. He later signed a contract to take on a materials factory for furniture and within 5 years had repaid all debts. After that our lives became very comfortable. All the other locals praised us, saying we were really capable but what they envied even more was the love we shared as husband and wife. I was totally content and felt I had a really happy marriage.

But all good things come to an end... at least that was happened to us. I suddenly discover that my husband started up again with his ex-girlfriend, she also lives in town, and on top of that, she herself had a family too.

Seeing that my husband Mark no longer had his heart in our home left me feeling gutted and constantly afraid, I was crying all night every time he made up a fake story to stay with that woman.

I tried to think of everything I could do to win him back. Every single day I either prepared great food for him or gave him a massage to help him feel better.

I was in so much pain that I was practically washing my face with tears every day. But when I looked at my little son I just couldn't bear to let go of him.

I couldn't stand it and brought up the idea of divorce, but he was steadfastly opposed to it and even got family to advise me against it. He even apologized to me in front of some relatives and promised that from then on he'd make a good life with me, and wouldn't have any more contact with that woman.But unfortunately 3 months ago I saw him with her again, I am heartbroken and I need her to go away forever. I want him love only me and stay with me for ever... So many years together and this evil woman again standing between us. I hate her, sorry to say. I only dream about him leaving her and coming back were he belongs with his family. He is the love if my life but we all know how men and women are; she is clearly a family breaker.

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