The Spells Cast

I intend the spells I cast have effect threefold. As I will it so it be.

My name is Annie, and I practice rituals and spells for the last 3 years, unfortunately I am not fully successful yet, but I practice every day because my dream is that the spells I cast become true.

My aunt was a witch, and since I was a child she always told me that I am the one in the family, her next… She made me do a special ritual when I was fourteen. We went to the terrace, wait until midnight when the moon phase was full moon and then something weird happen, I can´t say to anyone what I saw, but I can assure that was not a coincidence, that was clearly destiny, and it was my destiny. We supposed to do the same the next year, same day, same time, same moon, to manifest my strong powers but my aunt die. I cried a lot because I miss her, I love her and I need her in my life, but also because she couldn't help me getting my powers manifest.

I can feel that the spells I cast are powerful, but then something wrong happen because they do not last or I cannot see them manifested.

I think I come to this world to help people with my gift but for some sad reason I am not getting that dream to come true. So I am asking here this special wish, that I can finally do what I come here to do… I do not know if I need the help of another strong witch to do that ritual, or I need some miracle from the universe, I only have clear which one is my wish, and it is to have special powers to cast spells and make the wishes of people to come true, help them winning more money, help them with cleanse and protections, with their lovers, to make them come back or know them…. I can help so much the world; I can make this world happier, I only need this wish to come true. If there is really a way to generate the power of read thoughts, communicate with dead people, or tell the future, then I want the world to receive my help.

You know, when I was a kid I use to even dream about something before it happen, my school friends were so scare about me sometimes that they stop talking to me, they feared me when I only wanted to do good, but now that I am an adult I understand that they were just normal people afraid. One day I even tell my friend that her grandma was going to die a few days later, guess what, 8 days after that day the old woman die in her bed. But I am happy that my friend, even if she was angry at me, she said goodbye and ask for forgiveness for something wrong she did to her before. So I helped her with her grandmother.

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