That the one I truly love will come back to me

That the one I truly love will come back to me. I left my girlfriend for some other girl. But now I am missing her. Mary does not want me back. What do I do? I am lost without her… I know I should put myself in her place and recall whatever I did to her while doing the breakup. I was mean and she did not deserve that at all. I know why she doesn't want to come back to me, I know I should let he go after so much pain, but I love her so much, she is the one for me, I regret myself what I did and I want to fix it. I know she won´t be the same never again but maybe if we wok on trust issues and I show her how important she is to me, she will realize she is my true love and can relax knowing that I will never ever cheat on her again.

Most of people hurt each other in order to maintain their personal happiness. I know that, but I believe we can work on it to change it or not doing this all the time at least. When I was a boy my mother told me that I have to take care of girls ad have to always respect them and tell them the truth, she did say so, and I thought I learn but now I realize I didn´t that is why I heart her and couldn`t stop doing it until was too late (for her). I met this new girl and was so fun and nice with me, with that beautiful and perfect body… but guess what? when that attraction got over me I started missing my true love. Now I know that in life we will get attracted towards many things but it’s only us who will decide what we have to keep and what we need to leave.

I have genuinely realized my mistake and I am feeling guilty of what I did. I now want to give her time and show her my efforts. You need to make her feel my love again. I know I need to put a lot of efforts and emotions in getting her back, because it was me who left her and for some short time of pleasure. I regret and I am willing to anything to get her back. I will work on me to be the best boyfriend on earth and once she gets back to me I will propose to her with a big durries like in the movies, I know she will love it.

I already chose the ring but I do not dear to buy it until she is back. I hope she can find some hope in her heart and can forgive me. She has a great heart but I did so many mistakes in the last months that I do not know where to start.

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