I recently learned Tawny Asher was still in love with me, but that she cannot be with me. I believe she is influenced by what her friends and family will think if she does. I want a second chance at love with Tawny. I want her to be in a happy loving relationship with me again.

I am still in love with her after all this time, even if there's been no contact, then perhaps I should try to contact her. But I am afraid that she reject me because of her family and friends. Last night, tired of thinking, I contacted a witch and he said that he will help me but the work is big so he will need to unify powers with another magician to cast the spell. That we need a cleanse and for these people to stay out of our life, otherwise the will interfere so much that soon or later we will break up again.

My girl broke up with me, just 9 days before July 4th on 2019. She was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, she made my life so much happier, better, healthier in all aspects, until I made one mistake and they never forgive me, one mistake that made mi life hell and a mess. I donīt this this is fair, she told me at that time she would come back if her family agreed to do it. I felt so impotent. I am sure if we did not break up in the past we would be married by now. I wanted all with Tawny.

What she never knew, is that I'd bought her ring after we both talk bout marriage, but never got that chance to drop to one knee, I would love to proose her, she is the love of my life. I want to share the rest of my life with her, to have kids, and happily ever after. I need help. I donīt care at this time from where it come as long as she come to my arms and love me like before.

I tried to meet other women, but nobody could ever replace her. She's the one, I feel it in my hear

t. I'm still blocked in her phone and social media. I do not care, the truth is I will never stop loving her. The love was always there and I am sure that it always will be, because she still does not have a boyfriend, and I know Tawny is not seeing anyone. Separation doesn't always mean the end. Sometimes, it's just the beginning and I hope I or the magic can revert this and make her come back. I wish for Tawny to be my girlfriend again, and later on my wife. I will be so grateful if she says yes, I am ready fro all with her. I just need a little help. So please, I beg you, give me some help.

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