Talent wish

I wish I were just as good at playing guitar as Kimberly Freeman from One-Eyed Doll. One-Eyed Doll is a pop metal of heartbreak duo based in Texas. They are my favorite band.

Discipline is a rather strong word to use to describe what it takes to play guitar, playing the guitar is very very difficult, many people think that is something easy to do, but let me tell you that to do it right it is not, not at all. Playing the guitar is my talent wish, but not like anyone, I want to do it like Freeman.

She even has her own guitar! The First Edition, Hand Modified, Kimberly Freeman SyrenXT is based off of Kimberly's Original SyrenXT Prototype. Kimberly's Prototype was built to meet her exacting needs in a guitar. After you buy it they build it, and they wont dome more than 100…. isnīt that awesome? I want to be talent and famous!

But you do require a big amount of perseverance and I donīt have time because I work many hours a day, six times a week, I am a bartender at the moment. To learn how to play any musical instrument does require a certain level of interest in that particular instrument but also requires in my opinion having a gift! I am not sure if I have it, my friends loves the way I Play but I am too perfectionist, I have to say. Most of the people like the idea of playing an instrument, they buy one, start learning but they lose interested after a few days. I tried to convince my girlfriend a few times, but she's not into it anymore, for example.

My talent wish is to pleat the guitar like no one before, I want SONY to call me and ask me to sign with them. Few basic lessons with Youtube videos would easily help with some of the basics, but getting your own style, that is completely different, also composing is not for anyone.

My teacher always tells me: Remember, practice makes perfect. And I am trying to follow his advice but it is hard as I do not have enough time, and when I have some I am very tired. I need help here so I wonder if I should order a talent wish spell

Playing the guitar is a skill. Nobody has skills before they learn that skill, right? But the thing here is the style, as I told you before, without style you are like anyone else, right? And my teacher also says that talent can always be discovered later on in life... I want this talent wish to be true as soon as possible, I already wait so many years, I deserve better, I know I have the touch, I just need a little magic help. After that everybody will love me and admire me, I will work on being the best person so people will feel proud of me too.

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