Still in love with you

My name is Liam. I have grown up in USA all my life until I married my husband who is an indonesian. Currently I live in Texas. I wish my ex will breakup with the guy she is seeing now and want me back so we can get married like we were planning, I know she is my soul mate I need her to know that too.

When Tammy, my ex girlfriend of many years walked out of my life for the third time I had a bad feeling that she was not going to come back to me. It was horrible and I was a wreck. I had the worst luck in the world.

I met my ex girlfriend while on vacation in Europe. We were both with tourist groups from across the country and it was fate that we met when we did. We both had just gotten out of abusive relationships and needed a fresh start. We had more in common than anyone I have ever met. She was my soul mate and I knew it from the day I met her. When we returned to the U.S., she became distant. We lived 5 states away from each other and maintaining a long distance relationship was hard. She broke up with me after a few months and I felt lost. This man she is with now, she met him at work, he is a colleague, so she see him every day, how can I dompit with that?

I ca not move on, and I can not be with her all day, my job is very stresfull and requires lot of time from me. I canīt think of changing it because I need the money and this job is very well paid.

She never responded to anything that I sent her months ago, so when I saw her email last week I was surprised to say the least, but nothing related to our relationship or love. To make a long story short we started talking again but I want this to slowly work through some of the issues that we had in our relationship. She asked me to meet her for dinner one night and we ended up talking until the sun came up, but she is not ready go go back on track.

I am desperate. The best thing is just having someone listen to you as you talk your way through the sadness. Heartbreak doesn't last forever but this woman is so special, I donīt know if I will come out from this. We were perfect together, I never met a woman li ker in my entire life. I am still in love with her, even more than before, knowing that maybe she will never come back, that I will never have her in my arms, I have tears in my eyer, my heart hurts so much, I need to breath and calm down, going for walks help me, but when the night comes I ca not stop thinking about her again!

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