Powerful Wishing Spell

I leave you all here a powerful wishing spell to help you achieve your goals. It is very powerful and I only ask you to take care about what you wish or ask... because is will become true, it will become reality, believe me, this ritual won't fail you.

Maybe you are trapped in a relationship yourself and you need to find a way out, maybe the one you love is stuck in an unhappy relationship, and is not strong enough to break it off or possibly you have a friend who you know would be better off without this person in their life. Or maybe you have money issues, and you cannot pay bills, mortgage, and university. It can also be casted for problems with relatives; if you had a big fight with you mother and maybe you want to fix the relation this ritual is also a great option. It will help you to talk with sincerity, love and from your lovely heart. This ritual cannot be used for revenge or bad wishes; it is for love, happiness, wellness, etc. But never to wish something bad for another person, ok? If you do it, it will come a thousand times to you, and your karma will be dark.

If you need heal something it will help you also giving you the energy to life the special moment that life is giving you, that always is for growing, and to make you a better person.

So here is the step by step that will take you directly to the happiness you always dream about. It is my special powerful wishing spell, that my aunt gave it to me before she die. And that I am only allow to give it to good people, but as I love this site I trust people that read will use it for good, that is your compromise too, do not fail me please. My aunt was a very very special woman, she was born to help others and she did until her last days. So believe, she deserves our respect even now that she is already dead. Take a handful of salt, and sprinkle it around your spell casting area
in the shape of a pentacle. Light four red candles, and set them up
as North, South, East, and West around the pentacle. Cut a
piece of your hair off and place it in the middle of the pentacle. Close
your eyes, take three deep breaths, and chant:

"Oh magic oh power come into me please,
Help me with my desire so I can see,
I need a wish to ease my stress,
And decrease my worries so I could rest,
Oh Gods oh Goddesses, Oh powerful one,
Make my wish come true,
So I will not have to feel done".

Close your eyes and say your wish in your head three times. Then open your eyes and say


Guess what? Your wish will come true.

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