Please reunite us

My boyfriend and I broke up 2 months ago. Tough things were already rocky before we broke up, i did not think it'd be this hard to let him go. Now I realize that he is the love of my life and I am the love of his life

In this world filled of temptations, he as a fallible human being has succumbed to many of them within the 2 months we have been separated. We began communicating not so long ago, and he seems to still love me, but he is confusing me. Anyways, can you please reunite us, I don't want to waste time anymore, and I need him back. Please reunite us. Thank you so much.

The original problem was that my boyfriend's family did not approve of our relationship because they were a different religion, they are Jewish. He ended our relationship because of his parent's disapproval. I was devastated without him for about 6 months I wanted to reunite us so much. I knew he was my soul mate, as I know it now. He came back to me asking forgiveness and so I did and we tried to fix this out, unfortunately after a few months his family started to interfere again and I started to feel lonely and very upset about it. They always invited him to have dinner but not me, they were always making a new story to justify this decision. And he was going there without fighting for me, for us! So after a year I couldn´t help myself and I left him, that was 2 months ago, but now I realize again that I want to reunite us. This time is not that easy, we both remember our worst time, and for him at the moment it is not easy to forgive me, he said so. He said that now he needs time to think, he said that maybe we don´t belong together. But I never doubt it, I know we belong together, he belong to me...

We have been together the last 10 years, I do not want to life my life without him, I do not want to move on, I love him, I just wish that his family could take care of their own business without interfering in our life, and that his family accept me, I am agnostic but I respect all religions, I just feel that I do not need anyone to feel complete. Please reunite us, I am here tonight writing this wish, sharing with you my story to ask you help, to tell you that I am not strong enough to fight for this relationship anymore. I need help, please reunite us, we use to be the one for each other, like one person, doing all together with love and happiness.

I hope to have him back for my birthday, I do not want to order spells this time, I want it to happen, I know is destiny and I am willing to wait if it is necessary.

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