Please bring er justice

I wish Pete F. would stop lying to me, trying to humiliate me, and hold himself fully accountable for his wrongdoings he has subjected me too then placed blame upon me. He knows what he's done wrong, he knows he lied! I desire an apology and his loyalty to me. I wish he would stop accusing me of things I have not done and clear his mind to realize he suffers at his own hands!

I wish he would stop using other women against me, embarrassing me, being disrespectful towards me after I given over 9 years of love & loyalty to him. Not to mention he completely dishonored me on my Birthday this past Sunday, he ruined my day with his hate & insults. I wish he would feel the guilt of his hate towards me and it be removed from his body so we can move on together in our lives, loyal, loving and dedicated to one another. I wish this, so mote it be.

A lot of people see having an affair or having a mistress as a symbol of having money and skill, adulating and pursuing that as if it were something positive, they never think about the other person that is being hurt. People no longer know anything of morals or shame, but adore evil more and more, in a way they only want to satisfy themselves. These ideas describe how his friends are, and they are always influencing my ex for doing bad things, he do not go to church anymore.

I thought of how my boyfriend used to work so hard and fight for us, that he was an ambitious young man, but when he saw that a lot of the people around him had lovers or mistresses, he started to see that as normal and well done, so he was gradually assimilated into that evil trend. Most people tell me that he won't change back to how he used to be, but I don't want to miss my hope. I still think that he can be like before again, but I need to make his friends stay out of our lives, then he will realize what is good to do and what is not good to do.

The biggest indicator I would love to see is he telling me that he misses me and that he thinks that thebreakup was a mistake. I want to clearly see that he clearly regrets what happened and that he doesn't want to be without me.

I want him to make an effort to call and message me, and I want him to propose hanging out, and even coming home for advice about things that he could ask literally anyone else, but I can notice that he is choosing me. That is my great wish, and I wish justice, I wish for him to feel and suffer the way I am feeling now, so he will never let me down again. I wish for us to be happy forever.

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