Please Make The Spell Grow Stronger

My girlfriend came and surprised me at my surprise bday party, but then 9 hours later she broke up with me for no apparent reason. I screwed up on my tests that day at college cuz of how shocked and broken hearted I wash. I wouldn't stop crying for days, and although my friends were there for me, it didn't make the pain any better.

Especially cuz the break up came out of no where! Everything was fine at the birthday party. I really miss her, and she always calls me and checks up on me, and everybody can tell that she has feelings for me. Her ex-girlfriend wanted us to break up, and I think that this whole thing has something to do with the ex. I asked Doris to cast a spell that would make her come back.

So here's my wish "I wish the my ex girlfriend would come back and that our relationship would be better than ever. " Because I really miss her and I really want her back.

Thanks to everybody who reads this and makes the spell grow stronger. I'm also having midterms this week, so I hope I do good and my grades will be on top. Please make the spell grow stronger. That would made my life for sure.

She was perfect for me but this man was always like a fly, staying around doing things to make us fight and many times he succeed even this is our first break up. I feel I am done, I can't do anything without her. I am seeking for help here, please wish me good vibes after readying my testimony, because I really need it. I am preparing her a surprise that hopefully will make here notice that we belong together, but I am afraid to do it, I think I need to wait a little it more. It will be awesome. I wonder if she is with him now, but it hurts me so much just the idea of it, so I need to stop having this thoughts.

Please make the spell grow stronger, I need this ritual to grow faster and faster, because otherwise it will be too late. I wonder what is her family telling her, they love me, or they say so, but no one call me till today. So I wonder if they know or they agree with this break up. I hope they support me, because I know how important they are for her, their opinion counts a lot for my girlfriend. Please universe… please make the spell grow stronger than anything in the world. I will be for ever grateful after she come back to me. We used to be all day together every day, now I feel my life is empty, I cannot imagine to live without her. She is perfect for me and I feel I am perfect for her too.

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