No more money problems

I recently asked for a money spell to be performed for me because I'm sick of feeling depressed, stressed out and emotionally drained from having not that much money! I always feel like there's a big black cloud above my head and when i do win money it goes out quicker than it came in! I want to quit my job and not work 12 hours a night and travel 4 hours a day to see my son grow up and help my marriage bloom! I feel stressed, tired and worried all the time about money and wish it would go away forever!

I don’t get a regular paycheck every week. Instead, I have one or two regular clients who pay me monthly, and then anywhere from seven to 15 different one-offs or projects going on in the background. It is very stressful believe me. How can I have goals like this!

We have been struggling for the last 5 years, my wife and I don´t go out together as a couple, we cannot afford it. We do not have intimacy because being worried about debts all the time is not sexy at all, as we all know. This is so hard. I wish not to have more money problems. I am tired of thinking how I can pay the mortgage, school and even food. My credit card is in red. The Bank calls me every week to say that I am running out of time. I remember when I was younger, when we just got married that I used to have a great job. I only worked 6 or 8 hours a day. And the office was so close form home that I used to go walking...

You never really appreciate what you have until you lose it, but believe me, it won´t happen again. From the moment my wish will come true, and I can forget about problems and debts I will take care really carefully of all my winnings.

I’m going to make a budget and I will be so good making and taking care of money that I’ll get back on track and never feel anxious about my account balance again. On top of obviously setting myself up to fail, this is also the exact wrong place to start addressing my avoidance problem. So I will believe in me. I will try to increase my self-confidence. All this because I am tired of live in debts, I need a change, a big one. I need to give my family a different life, a better one because they deserve it. My wife is an angel, always supporting me, staying by my side… She is the best that ever happen to me. I wish to give her all; I wish to buy presents for her, new clothes, flowers and chocolates, but for now I have to wait until my wish comes true.

I’m still shocked by this site and how the Universe moves to bring our desires to us! I trust the universe that my wish of no more money problems will come true.

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