Need to drop 25 lbs

Can’t seem to lose the baby fat, plus the weight I gained prior to getting pregnant. I want to be healthy and fit so I can run around and play with my son and show him how to be healthy as well

The most important thing when losing weight my doctor says that is to consume fewer calories than you burn day in and day out. He even calculate my total daily energy expenditure that is an estimate of my basal metabolic rate and estimate of my daily activity (my job, how much I walk, etc.) but the calories I can eat are so little, I am hanger all day.

I need to eat 9000 calories less than my TDEE to lose only 1kg. So if I eat 500 calories below I could lose 1kg every 18 days. This is a terrible; it is too slow for the sacrifice to lose the weight. I need a miracle here; I am not strong enough to deal with so many kilos and effort but I need to drop 25 lbs.

I am fat since I was born I guess, but before getting pregnant I gain weigh because I was doing a treatment with hormones. Then during the pregnancy I was so hanger that I eat a lot, and all the time wanted to eat chips and burgers, even during the morning, my husband laugh at the beginning but then started to worry and I became diabetic. So it was not fun anymore.

I did my best to take care of my health but it was very hard, I also was crying most time of the night, feeling sad and happy at the same time. We even if my baby is the best that ever happen to me, the pregnancy wasn't good, not for me, I had to deal with so many health problems and emotionally also, I was devastated, wanting to finish that period as soon as possible. Once I did finished, I lose some pounds but when the baby started to eat I gained it all and even worst. I am desperate, I don't want to be the fat mother for my child… I need to drop 25 lbs now. Every time I see a thing girl walking in the street I dream about me being like that, buying all the clothes I see in the stores, without worrying about my big size, that most of the places do not even have.

I imagine myself walking with elegance, and all the people steering at me. That is my dream, to be thin. I won't buy more spells, they don't work, not for me, just need help, that is why I am in this great website, I hope it help me because I need to drop 25 lbs. This year I want to wear a red dress I already bought for Christmas, I will do my part, are you (universe) willing to help me too?

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