Need to be Taller

Hi, First thank you for seeing my wish.

I am a short teenager; I am the best student with the higher grades in school. The problem is that I am the shortest boy in the school. Everybody laugh at me, the most kids don't like me, if I try to say something they immediately try to stoop me saying me "shut u short!". I can't continue by this way, I come home and I want to cry, every-time I think of my height and say "why god made me like this? Why? what I did wrong?", so many years and no miracles, I don't like to be the shortest boy. This event doesn't let me to live the life, spells don't work, I tried to do my own spells many times without success, I am just a student I don't have money to buy expensive spells to make this miracle come true. I wonder how can I be taller at 15 years old… I drank three cups of milk and do stretching exercises every single day, well let me tell you that this is also not working. Maybe I need to take some supplement medicine but there are so many, I don't know which one would work for my desire, I need to be taller. I feel ashamed every time I go out, to school or even the supermarket.

I never even kiss a girl, they laugh at me because they are taller than me but then they ask my help for school because I am the best. That is not fear, even if I understand them, this makes me feel sad, I do not want to cry anymore when I come back home, I want a girl that can love me, even if I am small. I am a good guy, and I am good looking, they said so one time, it is just that I am too small.

If I could just grow 15 centimeters that would change all for me. I don't want to wait 3 years for this, my time for living is now. I deserve to enjoy like anybody else here, nobody deserves to cry, no one invite me to parties, they speak about it on my back, they don't care if I notice what they are doing… I am so sad. I really need to be taller to be happy, then my life will finally change for good. I am sure that being taller and the best student, then will even make me popular … I dream about it every single night. I hope to stop dreaming about it soon and to start living it. I am a good person, I deserve to be happy like all the others. So please I need to be taller, please help me. I am here with my heart open, reading also your testimonies and doing prayers to help all of you, please do the same for me if you can.

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