Need A Home

The house my ex husband and I owned has been foreclosed on because the mortgage company wouldn't modify the mortgage. Now my new husband and I are looking for a decent place to live in Brunswick, MD big enough for my 13 and 10 year old sons, our 2 month old daughter, my disabled father and ourselves. We've been looking for 3 weeks and still haven't had any luck. I need a home in Brunswick soon or we will need to rent something out there to have a place to live. It is so hard because all the houses we visited are too small or in real bad conditions, it would take us months to fix it, time that we do not have at the moment. I am sure I want to live in this new place for a long time.

I met a good local lender in person and he is looking for several places to us, unsuccessfully till now. We need a home urgently. I may want to talk with two now, to make all work faster, but for sure no more than three or I will have my head spinning with options and comparison.

Anyway I need to be sure I pick someone who can communicate well with me.

Last time we bought a home was 15 years ago, at that time I remembered that when I first walked into that home, I said “This is my house”, I felt it from the moment I get it there. And we were able to buy it and I loved living there but then it got to small for us. After I am in a house I like (for 10–15 minutes) I always ask all my buyers “Can you see yourself living here? If their answer is “No”, then let’s go see another one. But after leaving the place I always talk with the realtor about why he thought it wasn’t the one for me.

I need a new home so my children don´t have to share bedroom anymore, and the kitchen is so little now that we cannot have dinner all together, first the children eats then the adults. This not only uncomfortable, it is something that I need to change in our routine as I want us to share the meal, share stories, what is happening to us as family.

A friend of mine offered me to contact her spell casters, she always says that she is great, she bought many spells from her in the last years and is sure she will help me buying and finding our new home. But even if I need a home now, I feel that our house is waiting there and won´t need extra help more than wishing so hard for this. I hope this happen soon. If I can´t find it in the next 90 days I will for sure contact this spell caster, because I know she is a good one, something really difficult to find in the present.

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