My wife is lost

My wife met an old friend on Facebook, and in this talk they have said to now be in love. I would like to get her back to me as I love her so very deep. She is the first person to reach the deepest part of my soul. This guy I have found out in very abusive and will not do her right. She is lost in the new feeling of love and can't see that she is doing wrong in leaving me. She does keep pushing off filing, but is now wanting to move into a place of her own so he can come visit. I need help fast to prevent this from happening.

I contacted a spell caster last night, in fact I contacted 3, but no one answered me yet. Can you recommend me a good one? We have been married for 7 years already, very happy, went on holidays, went out, even if we have children we have a nanny that help us, so we had a great life together. But now, after they found each other on the Internet, they think they are in love, we spent together 10 years, and they met again 3 months ago? How can this be possible? She is not being reasonable.

My wife broke the engagement and said that she needs time to decide whether we can be together. She want the new apartment to go with out kids and can have the privacy to receive both of us, this is too crazy. We have had a perfect relationship for the last years, with normal ups and downs but most of the time was happy. How do I get her back? She doesn't seem to think like her. Maybe she is under a spell! Our children are devastated. I don´t know what to tell them I feel shame of the situation, it is a really bad example for them. I don´t want them to know, I wish we had another explanation. Maybe I should talk with a therapist before telling the children… are they going to see this man? Oh God help me. My wife is lost and at this point I do not know what to do anymore.

She is not thinking clear, she thinks like a teenage, but she wasn't like that before. These thoughts started after he met him. I curse that day, really. My wife is lost, my children will be destroyed soon and I am here standing not knowing what to do, I think about them every night and cry asking for help. I need some help here, please pride for us. I want her back for good, I want her back happy and convince that this is the right thing to do, staying at home with the family we build. Please make her change her mind now. I need a miracle.

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