My one true desire

We have always had such a special connection and I would like it to be more, i.e he sees me as a good friend, and I would like him to see me as something more than that. Please hear my prayer.

My true one desire is that he becomes my boyfriend. It is up to him. If my feelings for him blind me to the friendship, it may be a good idea to back off for awhile and sort out his feelings, especially of he does start seeing someone I know, she is not a good girl, likes to party a lot and she had many boyfriend even if she is only 18 now. I hope I can soon feel comfortable with him knowing that he doesn’t have romantic feelings for me. At the moment it is to hard to know that he rejected me. I hope he doesn´t use that knowledge to his advantage, though if he is my real best friend, he wouldn’t, but at the end you never know, right? I met him at school and he shares some classes. He is so nice and understanding with me, we also laugh a lot and use to go to the movies. During the summer we like to camp together and go to the river for fishing. It is so pleasant the silence when we are together. My one true desire is for him to be my boyfriend and spend the rest of our life together.

About 2 weeks ago I had a reading with a spell caster and she told me I should try talking to him about my feelings. She said that if his answer was negative then I should think about ordering a love spell. Well I thought a lot about it and finally did it, we went for dinner and before going home I told him that I need to say something very important to me, I saw the fear in his eyes but I continue anyway. I notice he didn´t know what to do or what to tell me, but his short answer was direct and clear, he said: I am sorry, I love you so much just not the way you do. I do not want to lose you as my friend, tell me if I can do anything to help here.

I cried a lot and went back home. It pained me for a few days to get rejected but I respected his decision and he continued to be good friends with me. My one true desire is for him to stay by my side, no matter what. The great thing here is that without any minute difference in his attitude towards me. He is a great person and has gold heart. To be honest I always knew that I might not his type and I would get rejected, but at the end you never know, for now I want to continue being his friend, I love him in all ways.

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