My money post

I ask for the guardians St. Micheal, St. Rafeal, and St. Gabriel to grant me 1. a better job in my town so I don't have to commute. 2. More time for love with my family and boyfriend. 3. To win the lottery. Mote it be.

Plenty of lottery winners end up blowing it all spending it on huge houses and expensive cars, but I believe lottery winners should assemble a financial triad to help plan for their financial future. I know what to do once I win the money, and I know how to invest it. If I win the lottery I will have more time to spend with my family, to enjoy life with daughter and boyfriend. She deserves more, I have 2 jobs at the moment, so I only have time for her during the weekend, and for my boyfriend I have time for him at night. My money post is to enjoy with my family I think it is an excellent reason to ask something like this. I play Powerball every week but until now I never won even if I cast my own spells to help the energies. If I can get my third wish to come true I will make the other ones also true. So angel St. Michael, St. Rafael and St. Gabriel please hear my voice, read my money post and help me!

I only wish to be happy with some help. I want to give my daughter the opportunity of having her mum more at home, and to go to a good school also. Her education is my priority, even if she is still young I am already thinking about it and taking care of it.

I don´t like my jobs, none of them unfortunately… and as I am so busy I do not have time to look for another one. I wish to have one well-paid job, working during the day (not also at night like now) and enjoying more life and family. My friends has a great job, the three of them, I think they deserve it but me too, even if I couldn’t study at the University because my family could not afford it. And I had to work to help them since I was 12. This is the ugly true. They went to college so all of them have a great job and well paid too. I believe in love and happiness and life, I know if I fight for my future I will achieve my goal eventually, but I just want it to happen as soon as possible. I wish Universe will read my money post and allow me to win money or the lottery.

I will continue with my prayers of course, they help me and give me the power to go on. And they help me to dream big knowing that we all deserve to have a good life, we all deserve to plan and see our wishes come true.

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