My ex-girlfriend is dating again

I just learned the girl that I wanted to get back, is now dating someone new. This has devastated me beyond belief. Our relationship broke up under tough circumstances, and I now have a hole in my heart because of it. I tried to get a free love spell to aid in my retaining her love, but now it is for naught. I don't know what to do.

When my girlfriend of five years walked out of my life for the second time I had a bad feeling that she was not going to come back to me this time, and I was right. We were separated and I feel so heartbroken, I cannot even breath when I go to bed alone or when I eat at home and she is not there. She is in every room in every memory… It is so hard to let her go, I do not want to let her go, we had problems but we were a great couple, nobody is perfect but we love each other so much.

My mom told me to contact a spell caster, that he helped her when she was alone (my father die) and after that spell she met her boyfriend, now for 4 years already. She says that they had love spells that could help me get my girlfriend back.

I contact them and they say 2 spells are needed and we need to wait until the next full moon to start working, even if I didnīt feel 100 percent sure I agree, what else can I do. I am desperate because my ex-girlfriend is dating again. I donīt want her to sleep with another man and of course I donīt want her to fall in love with someone else. I am here waiting for her. Respecting the time she asked me for herself.

I hope she ended up calling me soon telling me that she need me back in her life. I have never seen this side of Tammy before and I am scared. She barely went out with guys she didnīt really know when I met her, but now she has no problem about it! I think she is in danger; the city is full of bad men that are willing to take advantage of pure hearts like hers. I need to protect her, I hope these spells work. My ex-girlfriend is dating again and I am afraid she is in danger. Her friends are definitely not a good influence, Mary J in particular, she likes to go out and get drank, I donīt like her. And also she is not going to church anymore, the last 3 weeks I didnīt see her in Church like before. I am worried. I hope soon she can realize and come back to me so I can take care of her, protect her, and do all the things that make her happy. I love this woman. My ex-girlfriend is dating other men and I want to stop this ASAP.

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