My Wish Today

Please make my wish come true!

I have just turned 23. Never dated a man in my hole life, yes, true. Have a huge list of names I had crushes on, but I never dear to go to meet any of them. Never been kissed and of course still a virgin. It sometimes feels strange as I have more guy-friends and some of them are very close, they ask me if I have the feeling or if I want to meet a man on a date. Once in my early twenties I thought and felt that I was in love but nothing happened and since then I haven't felt anything close to that. Chris was quiet impressive for all of us, football prayer, great body and great heart, many friends and all of them love him because he was a great person. The problem was that he already had a girlfriend that I could not compete with I know how that feels and I miss that feeling.

My wish today is to change my life 180 degrees. I am ready to move on. Before I wondered all the time if I was missing things out when I heard friends dating, sharing stories of first kiss or even more.

Now when I look back, those things don't matter anymore to me. I grew up and I am ready for my new life. I am not a child, now I am a woman. Anyway I have seen myself grow in character and also as a person. I believe it is fine if it takes time for me to open myself for a romantic relationship, but I also wonder when this will happen. My wish today is to open myself for a wonderful man and enjoy the relationship. I contacted a spell caster a week ago and she told me that a spell was casted on me when I born, it was done as revenge to my mother, and they ask for me that I never fall in love. She says she can change that if she cast a cleanse karma spell. I am afraid of taking the chance; I never ordered a spell before. Am I missing anything? Hell no! I believe in universe law and I know something good will happen to me soon. My wish today is to be happy. Do I crave for an intimate relationship? Well I must admit that yes.

It is a great thing to have a romantic love in life. I would love to have one and I feel I am ready. My mother told me that if prince charming has to come, he will come to me and I will know it. I think that if not, I should chill anyway. Life is too short and today I am ready to make my wish come true. And I wish for all the people in this site to make them true too. Cheers!!

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