My Strongest Desire

Recently I re-established contact with the love of my life. Sadly in my youth I did not hold on to what I treasured and lost him to another whom he has been married to for 30+ years. He has been the only one I have ever loved and although I have been married and have children, now adults, I never stopped thinking about him. I told him I missed my best friend, but he replied that he could not be that as he is married and so I will never have the one person I truly desire. I want only him.

How I wish I could turn back the hands of time. He was my one true love, my best friend, and I suppose you could say he made me completed.  I so badly want him back, to spend the last few years of our lives together. I wish for this from the bottom of my heart and soul. My strongest desire is for mi to get me back in his arms, how can I do that? Should I order a spell? Should I just wait for a miracle? Oh I am tired of waiting I am getting old without living the life I want, dream and deserve. On the other had he is married; he says he is happy so how can I commit with that? My strongest desire is to get him back but at this point I think I will need some kind of spell to get his attention. Isn´t pathetic to contact an ex after a long time? Well I think it depends on the reasoning for contacting that person. If I am going to try to get him back, then the answer is yes, everyone knows, that is why I did not insist anymore, most when he is married now. I do not want him to feel pity when he looks at me.

Maybe he was just sick of the fighting, and wanted to move on and use his new family as an excuse. I do not know I am just thinking out loud and not clearly. The problem is that when it come to him I go crazy, I love him too much. I also found out he had 3 kids.

Obviously, at the moment he don’t want to be with me and I don’t want to be with someone else, so this is getting complicate, for me of course. I get the pain like there never be another like this one feeling. I believe in miracles, and I know that all this love belong to him, I am just waiting for the moment to give it to him. I cannot share it with anyone else, I tried but it is not useful, I think even more about him. I know that idea won´t work. Because my strongest desire was always to be with him. I hope I can make my wish come true very soon.

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