My Forever Love

He's gone and I want my love back, He is the love of my life. I had a crush for a few years in middle school. I’d liked this guy since second grade; we also had several classes together in sixth year. We started talking for the first time that year, and I couldn’t be happier because I always like him a lot, I like him so much that I never confess that to any friend until many years after the beginning.

My friend told me that she’d caught him looking over at me a couple times, and I had a lot of hope that he liked me back. Well, I knew it couldn’t last because I was born with bad luck, and also a spell caster told me so when I was 13. He moved to South America a few months after the start of the school year. Yep, That far. I was completely heartbroken.

It’s been several years now and believe or not I still think about him a lot, as I have him on social media that helps too. I know he has a girlfriend now, she seems nice but I want him for me I know I can better that her, because together, him, and me are just perfect. Sometimes I still think about what could’ve been, it we wouldn´t break up maybe we would be married today or maybe I would be pregnant. Maybe I should moved on. In a way I have since last months I made friends with several guys who are very kind to me.

I’m not ready for a relationship because he is my forever love, and that’s fine, it is normal for me to feel like this. Crushes are fun to have but they have nothing to do with love, with real love like the one I have with him and I know in some place he feels about me too.

I need my forever love back or to move on, I know, I spent too much time and energy on this guy, I feel so confuse anyway, I need help. Maybe I should see a Therapist… Has anyone have any wish come true after writing this here?

I hope you have results, if we are here is because we are suffering, we need help and feel hopeless so we deserve a nicer life. I wish I would feel happy like before. My friend told me last night:  If you’re constantly having thoughts about him, then the key to overcoming that is renewing your mind in God’s word. Read again the Holy Scriptures and start applying Christ’s words to your life. Or you can start at the very beginning in Genesis. Well my friends I don´t know if this advice is the right one for me… not really

Anyway I feel peace with myself. I know it is not healthy to constantly fantasize about someone after several years, because on the way I am losing opportunities of meeting a good guy. There are so many other people out there… I need help because I want my forever love back for good.

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