My Dreams

My first dream is to have the petite body and beautiful long hair that I want. I've always have been a larger size and I know that if I was to slim down and grow my hair back out I would be more confident in myself and my abilities.

When I was a little girl my mother bought me so many Barbie dolls and I always look at them like the best piece of cake in town. They are so perfect with the long hair, so skinny and the long legs! The waists they have are just unforgettable. Any clothes you put on them looks just perfect, great, beautiful, like supermodels, why some women are born perfect and some others have this horrible body? Who made that decision, I feel this is so unfair! Why I cannot eat and not to get fat. Why I work out with no big positive results...

I want a great body, I deserve it, I did not do anything wrong, so is this a punishment? To have a body that I do not like, in fact that I never like at all almost since I was born? Ohhh and the skin, I have scares from acne, since I was 13 years old. I would love to have a perfect skin, soft and beautiful in all my body, not only my face. I want my stomach and abs to look like the models in Paris when they wear those beautiful and tinny bikinis. I would be so happy to have all this, it is not much, just a beautiful body, just something that many people have all their life, so I shouldn't be here begging to have it. I wish my dreams came true, I wish to have justice.

I want to go shopping and can get into any store and find clothes I really like, now I can't find my size in most of the store, they only do clothes for skinny bodies. I want one! Why can't all women are skinny? I am not getting obsess but I wonder again, who decide which body will get each person, is it someone who laugh on us, who is evil? Oh Lord, this is driving me crazy.

My second dream is to have great wealth. Things with money lately haven't been great for my loved ones or me. If I had money I would take care of everyone I love and myself in ways I could never imagine. I would go shopping also, like rich women, and a beautiful house to invite my friends and make luxury parties.

My third and final wish, which could bring along these two, is to meet someone who could bring these things to me. I have hoped for these two things to happen for so long that I feel as I am soon going to give up on them. Please pray for me. A rich man can always be the solution, because even if I still don't have the body I like, I can pay for it :)

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