Missing him

I miss my ex, who is also the father of my son. We broke up about two years ago and there's been a void in my life ever since then. I wish he would come back to me after realizing that he'd rather have me a girlfriend and maybe even his wife. I just need him to come back. Sometimes when I am on the subway, I think about my ex boyfriend and our great time together. Can A man make a woman feel he loves her even if he doesn't love her at all?

In a simple answer yes. I think there are some men out here who are gold diggers, and I wonder sometimes if all this is kind of a plan to ask me to come back with him later, and then control my life and desires, he used to do that, even if I like it because it was easier for me, and his decisions were well done, I knew it was cool for him to have the control in the couple if you know what I mean...

A simple confession saying I love you often makes women feel like they have won the lottery. Anyway in most relationships it is the female who says “I love you” first over the men. I did and I miss him so much!

I met the love of my life at the age of 23. He was the guy I never thought I could meet in a million years.

We chat almost every day and it was fun and great. The he invited me for a date and from that moment we never separate until he broke up with me. I am missing him every night, everyday, every week, every moment!

From the moment I met him I realized that I was kind of falling in love with this guy. He was special, funny, sweet, caring, generous, all a woman would want. We spent almost the whole day together that day and even that in the end I didn’t want to go home. He made me feel in peace like I never felt before or even now after the break up.

We arranged a last meet up a month ago. We talked everything and said our last goodbyes. And then he never replied me even when I tried reaching out to him once a week. This is so sad, I am missing him every night.

I tried so hard to feel something like I did for him, I met other guys, and my friends are trying to introduce me new people, but I don´t feel comfortable, I don´t feel this is ended, even if we say so.

I constantly pray to get the chance but never know if it will actually will happen. So I am here asking my wish because I miss him like crazy. He had been a good man to always be remembered. I still love him, and at this point I think I will always do, even if I have to do it in secret.

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