Lost love of my life

I found what I believe is the love of my life. I won't be able to find anyone like her. I want to know if she still loves me, and I hope to find some way to reconcile with her. She was somebody very special to me. Too many outside influences in our lives kept on getting in our way, and I want another opportunity to fix our relationship and make it stronger.

It is not the first time my heart is break it hurt a lot. I know that rule number one is that I have to accept she’s gone for now. I must accept that I still have a hope to get back together; I feel it in my heart. I do not want to get depressed because my brain knows that the person is gone forever because the truth is that we still don´t know is she is gone for ever. I believe she will realize she made a mistake leaving me, we were so good together, but her friends were always complaining because she wanted to spend all her free time with me, even when I use to tell her to go out and meet her friends… she always preferred me. But the were always there asking her for more and more and telling her that I was not good enough for her, that she deserves better, a guy that loves going out and rich. I am not poor, but for sure I am not rich, I am a hard worker man and she always loves that. But suddenly she changed her mind; maybe her friends introduced her to another man, a rich one? I lost the love of my life and I am devastated.

I shouldn’t suffer but I lost the love of my life, I know they should suffer for what they did to us. They deserve that I order a revenge spell maybe I will do it. Don´t decide it yet.

I won´t force myself to get better. I now grieve, cry, I need to be alone to release my sadness, and I talk about it to people who can understand my situation.

I don’t blame myself for what happened, but I know that if maybe I wouldn't push her to see more often her friends this maybe wouldn’t happen. My ex decided to leave because she wanted to please her friends.

I am trying to trick my brain. I stared going to the gym, working also on my physical appearance, and even pretend I am happy on my social media. My best friend told me that the purpose is that my ex needs to know that I am fine and enjoying life without her, maybe doing this she will regret her decision. I hope she does and I hope she come back to me soon, I lost the love of my life and I want her back!

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